Common Shower Door Problems that You Are Likely To Encounter

Shower door repair San DiegoEven though we give them little attention, shower doors can face some considerable problems. Some of these issues can affect their overall functionality and can inconvenience you when you are using the shower. Although new shower doors can encounter some problems, older ones are more prone to damage. The good news is that these problems can easily be fixed regardless of their scope. Even if your damaged shower door has an intricate design, shower door repair San Diego can restore all of its features and make it functional again.

Many households in San Diego prefer using sliding doors in their showers. This is probably because of the various advantages that come with them. Apart from having a simplistic design, the door also gives users ultimate convenience. Here are some of the common problems that can affect this type of door, especially when used in showers.


As expected, one of the most common problems that can affect your shower door is water. This is just because of the fact that the door is located in the shower. This issue occurs when water gathers on the edges of the door. At first, the water may be harmless, but as time goes by, it will cause some serious damage to the structure of the door. The water that settles on the metal tracks of the door makes them rust. The rust eventually leads to breakage of the door frame.

Water problems on the shower door are almost unavoidable. The only viable option that you have is to repair the door, especially when you discover that the water has caused some severe damage. Note that apart from water, dirt and debris can also accumulate in the sliding track and affect the movement of the door.

Failure to repair a sliding shower door in good time will lead to severe damage which will eventually force you to replace the whole door.


Glass shower doors are classy, but they also come with some risks. First, they are fragile. If not handled with care, they can break, leaving your shower doorless. However, fiberglass is stronger and doesn’t break easily.

Prompt and expert shower door repair San Diego

All the problems that affect your shower door can be fixed. Shower door repair San Diego incorporates various practices that can offer a permanent solution to your shower door. Our technicians at Sliding Solutions use their expertise and high-tech tools to ensure that your door gets back to its original shape. In case the door is severely damaged and beyond repair, we will recommend an appropriate replacement. Contact us today for a free estimate!