How to Save Space with Sliding Doors

Traditional swinging doors have long been the standard in home design. However, they aren’t actually space savers. Due to many benefits and features of sliding doors, it’s no surprise that many homeowners seek the services of a sliding door company in San Diego or another area they live.

Sliding doors have won the hearts of people not only in San Diego but all around the world with their style, utility, aesthetics and safety. When it comes to functionality, they are absolute winners. Whether opening or closing, sliding doors take up minimum space. Here are a few space-saving solutions.


Sliding doors are an excellent alternative to swinging doors when it comes to narrow openings or hallways in your home. Sometimes they are the only choice due to lack of space. Also, installing sliding doors in a hallway with multiple room openings will both prevent collisions from the door opening into passersby and provide easy access to all rooms at any time.


Make the most out of your closet with sliding closet doors. They provide access to the closet without cutting off other spaces and can be installed in any size opening, including very limited wall space. By installing sliding doors, you can create a closet not only in your bedroom but in any room you need additional storage. A carefully planned space under the stairs can be a life saver if you need a place to store all those items you use regularly but need to be out of sight.

Open Areas

If you are a fan of open floor plans but prefer privacy, as well, sliding doors allow you to divide open areas or close off rooms. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom or kitchen, there’s no need for drastic and permanent solutions such as walls. Go for floor-to-ceiling or partial sliding room dividers. With stylish and incredibly flexible sliding doors, you can separate any two areas and juggle with the space anyway you want.

Private space

Dividing the area may come in handy if you want to conceal workspace such as your home office corner desk or hide the mess in your bedroom. Maybe you love an open kitchen but don’t want your guests to see dirty dishes after a meal. Sliding doors will provide an elegant cleanup in an instant.

Small Bathrooms

f you have an attached bathroom in your bedroom that’s a small area to walk into, a sliding door can maximize every bit of much needed floor space. Because they don’t swing open but rather slide into the wall when opened, pocket doors are an ideal choice for bathrooms.

Small Space

Sliding doors can give the illusion of one large space and make it more functional. They work great in small apartments and rooms, which tend to look cluttered or overcrowded. If possible, choose a door that can slide into the wall cavity and be tucked away when not in use. The best would be to consult with a reputable sliding door company in San Diego or another area you live.

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