Patio Door Repair San Diego

Get Your Patio Door Back on Track

Patio doors are a marvelous addition to your San Diego home that can create a dazzling, exquisite entryway and make an outstanding impression on your house guests. A great way to bring the outdoors and sunshine into your home, patio doors can also give you a headache when they don’t work properly.

Patio Door Track, Common Culprit

If you are experiencing problems with closing or opening them easily, the culprit is usually your door track. Constant wear, heavy use, poor installation or low-quality materials can lead to dented or damaged door track. Sometimes, it’s the rollers or the catch that work improperly. Waste no time. If you ignore the problem and delay calling a professional to resolve the issue, you may face even greater deterioration.

Patio door repair instead of replacement

Sliding Solutions offers you a choice. In most cases, your patio doors don’t have to be replaced. By repairing the track, rollers, locks and other sliding door hardware, your patio doors can look and run like new. As sliding door repair specialists, we’ll spot the problems due to erroneous designs or improper installations. All of our services are in-house. We will troubleshoot, remove, and repair or replace damaged product and hardware, leaving your house clean and neat. Most repairs and even new product installations are complete in less than a day.

Premier door track replacement

Highly skilled, reliable and trained professionals at Sliding Solutions will make your patio door glide smoothly just like new. We guarantee our exclusive fiberglass, anti-corrosion treatment package will prevent corrosion under your patio door track even in the most extreme conditions. Unlike other companies that use some common cheaper “quick fix” options, we don’t use plastics, mastics, silicones, galvanized sheeting and flat paper.

Keep in mind that other companies in most cases replace the patio or pocket door track with a plastic liner beneath to prevent corrosion. But watch out for the long-term consequences! The corrosion will return and spread to the side frames, which are unavailable for replacement. Consequently, you will have to replace the entire door.

Careful product selection

We take pride in selecting the highest quality products, carefully choosing manufacturer, hardware and finish and providing excellent premier sliding door repair and installation. We guarantee our work and are committed to delivering the best product with long-lasting effect. Our goal is your goal: doors and windows that perform perfectly and effortlessly.

Highly responsive and efficient mobile service

Sliding Solutions provides mobile service that is available seven days a week. Our courteous, helpful and knowledgeable technicians will respond and arrive promptly, providing fast and efficient patio door repair without a hassle. Our mobile service vans carry a full range of replacement parts, so we are completely prepared to finish most jobs in a single visit.

Our mobile service provides: aluminum doors and windows, steel, stainless steel or nylon rollers, steel or stainless steel locks, security locks, handles, weather stripping – glazing vinyl bug strip, track replacement (10 years of warranty) and repair, guides and bumpers, wardrobe/closet door repairs – top or bottom tracks and rollers, heavy duty sliding screens – optional stainless steel hardware upgrade, sliding and swinging screen doors, window screens, glass replacement, pet doors in glass, screen door or in the wall, pet grilles and pet mesh, solar mesh and Insect mesh.

Your ultimate patio door repair San Diego

If you’re looking for the best patio door repair in San Diego, Sliding Solutions is your optimal choice. State licensed, Sliding Solutions is a well-established sliding door company providing custom designs, repairs and installations to San Diego, Southern Orange County and Temecula homeowners since 1995.

We specialize in repairs and installation of all types of interior and exterior sliding doors including patio doors, sliding glass and screen doors, pocket doors, wardrobe doors, bathroom doors, as well as shower and tub enclosures, pet doors in glass, and locks and handles. We do not subcontract our services. All of our services are in-house and include estimates and takeoffs, field measurements, design assistance, repairs and installations at competitive prices.

Basing our business on hard work, honesty, professionalism, integrity and perseverance, each of our team members is dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer care.

For a free estimate, call 877-922-6497. We are here to respond any questions you may have!

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