Repair Services

Sliding Doors Don’t Slide,They Roll…

If sliding doors did slide, coating the track with a lubricant might help, but they don’t. Sliding patio doors actually roll on wheels on a track.

Replacing these wheels, and occasionally the track is the only way to get your sliding doors working smoothly again.

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Repair Services

Sliding Solutions uses only the highest quality products and materials, to ensure long lasting performance and ease of operation. Sliding Solutions trained service technicians can replace the rollers and other hardware to make your sliding door work like new, and, if needed, even remove the bottom track and install a new one.

Our Mobile Service Provides:

• Aluminum – Doors and Windows
• Rollers – Steel or Stainless steel or Nylon
• Locks – Steel or Stainless steel
• Security locks
• Handles
• Weather Stripping – Glazing vinyl – Bug Strip
• Tracks replaced – 10 yr. warranty
• Tracks repaired
• Guides & Bumpers
• Wardrobe/Closet door repairs – top or bottom tracks & rollers
• Heavy Duty Sliding Screens – Optional stainless steel hardware upgrade
• Security, Sliding & Swinging screen doors
• Window screens
• Glass replacement
• Pet doors – in the glass, screen door or in the wall
• Pet mesh – Solar mesh – Insect mesh
• Pet Grilles

Sliding Solutions Van Fast Mobile Service

Sliding Glass Door Track Replacements:

Sliding Solutions exclusive fiberglass, anti-corrosion treatment package is guaranteed to prevent corrosion under your patio door track; even in the most extreme conditions, unlike the plastics, mastics, silicones, galvanized sheeting, flat paper and other cheaper, so called ” Quick Fix ” solutions offered by other companies.

Please note: the most common “Quick Fix” offered by other companies are replacing the patio door track with a plastic liner beneath to prevent corrosion. The corrosion returned like a cancer and spread to the side frames (side frames are unavailable for replacement), consequently, the homeowner had to replace the entire door.

Pocket Door Repair:

Sliding Solutions can replace your pocket door track and rollers without cutting a hole in your wall by using our patented pocket door tool that we designed ourselves, this means you will not require patching or painting of your wall after the repair has been completed.


As sliding door repair specialists, Sliding Solutions see the problems caused by faulty designs and poor or improper installations. Our job is to trouble shoot, remove, and repair or replaces faulty or damaged products and hardware, with minimal disruption to your home. Most repairs or new product installations are complete in less than 1 day.

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