Installation Services

Sliding Solutions

Ensuring a Perfect Fit

We at Sliding Solutions do everything we can to bring only the best products and services to you. The company has been in business for over ten years. It has earned a long reputation for high-quality products. There's handcrafted quality in every installation.

Closet Door Install

Sliding Glass, Triple Track Stacking

Sliding Solution is a proud supplier of CW wardrobe closet door systems. After years of repairs and installations, Sliding Solutions strongly recommends aluminum extruded door systems for their strength and reliability. Our team of professionals carefully installs your doors, ensuring match, fit, alignment, surface inspection, and handle/lockset installation.

Sliding Door Install

Sliding Room Dividers, Home Office Sliding

In most cases sliding solutions can repair an existing older door to brand new working order of a fraction of the cost of a brand new patio door. We take pride in top-quality parts that upgrade and outlast factory parts. In rare instances, certain doors can not be repaired, so sliding solutions is a proud supplier of Millgard, Western Fleetwood, LaCantina Doors, and many others.

Sliding Solutions

Pocket Door Install

Outside or Inside

Years of experience sliding solutions have developed tools and selected quality upgraded track systems and rollers to make an old pocket door system perform better than it ever has. Our custom-made tools allow us for the removal and installation of track systems without any drywall damage. Sliding Solutions offers a one-year warranty on all pocket doors track and roller replacement.

Shower Door Install

Mild to wild, your only limitations are your personal creativeness for your shower door systems. Sliding Solutions can create anything from basic frame tub enclosures to beautiful frameless heavy glass shower systems.