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Almost every home and even quite a few businesses, shops, and offices prefer a sliding glass door that can be opened and closed on a horizontal track and not as a common entrance door. There are different types of sliding doors, such as balcony patio doors, screen doors, and closet or pocket doors that slide into the wall while opening the door.

Closet Door Repair

Frames, tracks, rollers we fix it

Every residence has a closet, and everyone needs a full-length dressing mirror. Mirror closet doors satisfy both of those requirements in a practical, functional, stylish fashion. Because these get used often, they don't always function in a practical manner and can be quite annoying. Our team also has solutions to making a non-functional door come functional again.

Patio Sliding Door Repair

Are you having difficulty opening or closing your windows or doors?

As noted, patio doors are available in homes, businesses, restaurants, and even offices that want maximum visibility and light. We provide repair or maintenance services for patio glass doors. The most common failure on sliding patio doors is the roller (wheel) being worn out or bent over time, which means they should be adjusted or replaced. It is important to note that in case of damaged rollers if a technician came to you, take advantage of the visit by replacing both rollers and avoid calling a technician and paying extra for the second roller.

Pocket Door Repair

Due to the door being hidden, Sliding Solution professionals can spot the problem

One of the more difficult doors to fix are pocket doors because they go inside the wall, and sometimes there isn't an easy way to access the door assemblies in order to replace or adjust the top/bottom rails or rollers.

Sliding pocket doors are typically found in closets area, bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms, and consequently, it is customary to use them frequently.

If you notice that it is difficult to open or close the door, we recommend that you book an appointment with a technician during your first few weeks of failure because sometimes it is just a loose screw that needs to be screwed back in place. This is relatively cheaper to repair when compared to replacing it with a new part.

If there is a need to repair a more complex pocket door, such as creating access to the door's assembly by dismantling some of the drywall, it is recommended that you choose a reliable and professional door company that will know how to perform the decomposition and reconstruction of the wall in an esthetic way.

Shower Door Repair

Water escapes from the sides; tired of it not rolling or opening correctly?

Sliding Solutions

Track Replacement

If you have a broken or curved track, this may cause gaps between the door and its frame

Sliding doors are getting off tracks for various reasons. Where the main reason is not related to the track at all, it is the rollers that are not appropriately aligned or worn out. If your patio door is out of the tracks, do not attempt to put it back unless you know where the weak spots are on these doors. If the frame that holds the glass is not reinforced and has become loose over the years, it is easy to get the glass broken and separate it from the frame.

When the rollers are not aligned or worn out, it requires a larger force to open or close the door, and usually, the lower part of the door will be dragged on the track and will cause it to be worn or bent.

When the track is broken, cracked, or has significant curves that cannot be aligned, the replacement of new rollers will help because the door will be heavy and inconvenient to operate alone. In this case, a new track needs to be installed.